Customs Brokerage
All international transportation needs require Customs and Border Protection clearance.

Our vast team and partners allows us to service your account at any location in the island or overseas. We operate our own Automated Broker Interface that connects our offices directly to U.S. Customs as well as other government agencies that helps to make pre-clearance. The moment your documents are received, the proper documentation is prepared and promptly transmitted to U.S. Customs for clearance. We can pre-clear ocean shipments up to five days prior to the vessel’s arrival and upon flight departure at the port of origin on air consignments.

Foreign Trade Zones
As a commitment with the transportation trade, NDC conducts all essential practices in the Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) program in establishing, operating, and maintaining FTZs.

Under FTZ benefits, the usual formal CBP entry procedures and payments of duties are not required on the foreign merchandise unless and until it enters US territory for domestic consumption, at which point the importer generally has the choice of paying duties at the rate of either the original foreign materials or the finished product.

FTZ community, provide huge benefits an economic development goal and must follow a series of laws/regulations which govern zone use. NDC will help to facilitating educating the FTZ operator or users on the use and benefits of the FTZ program.

All NDC’s transaction in FTZ are operated using a sophisticate system, where transmit all transaction to Customs and Border Protection in electronic matter, using the e214 admissions and CBPF3461 weekly entries to US.
We at NDC understand the importance to maintain compliance of trade in this industry. It is for that reason that NDC offers an extension of its regular services and makes the difference.

The reality that the local or federal government’s agent visits you stimulate to that the requirements demanded by these agencies are in order. Although you are making what you need to make to assure their company probably according to the rules and regulations, the call of an auditor is cause of concern.

The regulations frequently change and customs wait that the importers and exporters are upgrading the changes. There are over 20 government agencies that supervise your imports and exports that you ago. Is your prepared company? As used he/she does know it?

NDC will be prepared to answer and to guide your personnel, we will be willing to revise each transaction from start to end, verifying that each objective of government’s agencies and provide an understanding plan of action to cover any deficiency in your files.

Measuring costs
In these times the economics have an important role in this industry, is for that there is no need to pay more than you have to for services that may not be up to your expectations. Our fee structures are supporting your requirements without hidden costs and you pay for what you get.

Give us a call. We can organize the pick up of your documents and arrange for the required clearance as well as the liaison between forwarder and ocean and air carrier.